College debt survey will SHOCK you!

collegedebt“What would you do to erase your student loan debt?”


Here’s what respondents said…

  • 57.89 percent would give up all social media for life.
  • 57.11 percent would give up coffee for life.
  • 56.73 percent would take a punch from Mike Tyson.  
  • 56.14 percent would abstain from alcohol and drug use for life.
  • 40.35 percent would take one year off of their life expectancy.
  • 35.67 percent would give up texting for life.
  • 28.07 percent would name their first born daughter Sallie Mae.
  • 20.47 percent would wear the same outfit, every day, for life.
  • 6.47 percent would cut off their pinky finger.
  • 4.09 percent would contract a random sexually transmitted disease  for life.

The average survey respondent had $31,762 in debt at the time of the survey, the company said.


The age range was 22 – 61.

    39% men.

    61% women.


While this isn’t a huge sample size, it’s still disturbing.

    56.73% would take a punch from Mike Tyson 

    28.07% would name their first born daughter Sallie Mae


Are you kidding me?  That’s insane!  People are obviously struggling with student debt.  And with current laws making it nearly impossible to discharge student loan debt, there’s not much that can be done with these people.


But what can be done is to help families BEFORE student debt ever becomes a problem.  And that’s where getting help from us provides you with a fighting chance to handle the college debt problem before it’s too late.


Don’t end up like one of the respondents in this survey. There is a better way!


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