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Learn How to Get Thousands of Dollars of FREE Money For College…Regardless of Your Income Level or How Good of a Student You Have!

You are invited to attend a FREE workshop called “How To Pay For College Without Going Broke.” However, seating is limited and must be reserved in advance. We host sessions in a variety of places aroundAtlanta throughout the year, so be sure to visit our Upcoming Events page to see when you can join us.


At this FREE workshop, we will reveal astonishing ways to beat the high cost of college that the colleges aren’t telling you—BUT smart parents across the country are using to pay almost nothing for college. In fact, hundreds who have attended our workshops have discovered new secrets and strategies to send their children to schools they never thought they could afford.


This workshop will stun you with the following information:


  • The 5 greatest myths about planning for college—and why listening to other parents or the media will cost you big time.
  • How to double, or in some cases triple, your eligibility for FREE grant money.
  • How even millionaires and parents making a good six figure income are getting tons of free grant money, and how you can too!
  • How to get the colleges to practically line up and beg your student to come to their school.
  • The amazing way some parents put their kids through college, and end up in better financial shape than when they started—even though they hadn’t saved a nickel for school.
  • The ONE single mistake 91% of all parents make that costs them thousands….and they don’t even realize it. PLUS, how YOU can avoid making the same mistake.
  • What to do right now if you haven’t saved a single dime for college; or, what to do if you did save money for school—-but…… it’s not enough, you lost it all in the market, or you had to spend it somewhere else. BONUS: How NOT to be punished if you did save enough for college– don’t lose out because you were thrifty!
  • How to obtain a “tax scholarship” to pay for ALL of your tuition—right from the IRS. 100% legal, but not one in 1000 accountants knows how to get it!
  • Why your accountant or financial planner is not trained in college planning and how they can cost you buckets of free money.  Why you need to avoid the new college savings plans like the plague! Believe me, what you don’t know on this CAN cost you a boatload.
  • The absolute, GUARANTEED most expensive way to send a child to school…and how to avoid it!


NOTE: If you think you make too much money to get any aid (or that’s what you’ve been told), you absolutely MUST attend this class to learn the truth about how families that make 6 figure incomes, right here in Atlanta, are getting thousands of dollars of FREE money each and every year.


This class will be taught by Jason Flurry, CFP®, President of The National Center For College Planning.  It is strictly an informational workshop.  Nothing is for sale and no specific products will be mentioned…. so don’t hesitate to come.   Select the workshop that best fits your schedule, and make your reservations NOW!  Don’t hate yourself for not getting valuable information that can save you an absolute fortune!



Please note that due to the overwhelming amount of client referrals we have received this year we are unable to host any more live events in 2016.  If you would still like an opportunity to visit with us to discuss your situation personally, please contact Susan Atkinson at 678 388-2233 to schedule your FREE college planning review.

We look forward to seeing you soon!