Sample Awards

Colleges have money to spend for the right candidate.  We help students find best-fit colleges based on their academic and personal qualifications and help tailor the application package to attract the some of the best merit-based awards each college offers.
Even if your student isn’t a top academic prospect, there are still ways to get HUGE discounts for college.  Colleges pull federal and state funds together to compliment the university’s own endowments when figuring awards.  Learning how establish financial need in the financial aid delivery system can make college more affordable than you every imaged possible!

Here is a collection some recent awards our strategies have helped earn for our clients and friends.  They are divided into two categories:  Admission-based recruiting awards and Need-based financial aid.  They can be stand alone strategies or combined for maximum discounts.


Recruiting-based awards and departmental scholarships


USC Award Letter


Berry College Award

Clemson - Award Letter


Tulane Merit Award_Page_1


Alabama - Award Letter


Belmont University Award Letter_Page_1


…Then there are need-based awards and combined offers



Tufts Financial Aid offer 2015_Page_3

2014 Samford Award_Page_1

Berry Award 2015


Salem College Award Letter

2016-vanderbilt-award-letter1unc-financial-aid-offer-2015-updated2016-vanderbilt-award-letter2015 Brown Financial aid_Page_3JHU FInal Award 2015_Page_01

And there are dozens more from colleges all over the country!!!

Next to the purchase of a home, college is probably the largest transaction you will make in your lifetime.  And if you are shopping based on the sticker price alone, you are sure to miss out on some FANTASTIC deals!

Why pay more than your fair share of the college bill?  Times have been tough and college is expensive, but you have choices.  Take the time to educate yourself on how to make college more affordable.  It is sure to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

You can get more information on how to help get your kids into the college of their dreams and save yourself a fortune in college costs by visiting our Events page or by contacting us directly.