Show us some love!

HeartFebruary is the month of love and we love having the opportunity to serve you!  We would like to increase our level of service this month and provide you with even more value through social media in the future. This is new for us and we need you to link up with us to make our efforts successful.


I’d like you to show us some love by visiting us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In and like one of the posts I’ve added to connect us.  I would also really like for you to take a minute and post a review for us on Yelp, and even more importantly, create a short video testimonial discussing your experiences with me that I can share with people considering working with us in the future. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just something on your laptop or smart phone will work fine (I have a little studio here you can use too if you want to look like a rock star!). You can also submit a written testimonial if you’re old school and haven’t figured out your technology yet…I appreciate you just the same.


To show my love and appreciation for your help here, I am going to award one lucky person an all-expenses paid night out for two at Table and Main on historic Canton Street in Roswell. What could be better with Valentine’s Day coming up, right? And here’s the best part. You can increase your chances of winning by participating more. Each action you take will count as one entry and you will get double credits for a video testimonial – and there’s no limit. There’s plenty of love to go around!


All of our links are listed below and you can send any video you create to me via email. Just let me know what you’ve done elsewhere too and once we confirm it on our end, you’re in. It’s that simple. We’ll add your name to the “love bucket” each time and draw the winlove bucket 1ner on February 11th. You have until then to respond, but remember; the more you do the better your chances are of winning!


Thanks for being a part of our family and for your business and support. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully calling your name as the winner for dinner soon.



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